Triple Zero Roulette Wheel

Triple Zero Roulette Wheel


Triple Zero Roulette Wheel

Those that know a thing or two about roulette know how the game is played, and that the house edge depends on how many zeros there are.

In older forms of roulette, it was standard for the wheel to have one zero. This meant that players had a significantly greater chance of winning at this game.


Triple Zero Roulette Wheel
Triple Zero Roulette Wheel


Years down the road, wheels with two zeros began popping up. While this meant the odds were increased in the favour of the house, the change was not significant enough to mean that players felt cheated, and they weren’t. Wheels with two zeros still provided plenty of odds in the favour of the players.

Now, casinos are starting to install wheels that have one more zero, bring the total number of zeros to three. This once again increases the house edge.

Triple zero roulette wheels have been in the game for years. They were frequently spotted at charity events because these wheels tend to tip the favour more towards the house. When the charity would use these wheels, it was because they wanted to earn more money for the cause that they were supporting.

Now, however, they are being seen in many licensed casinos. One Las Vegas casino, which was one of the first to add a triple zero roulette wheel, added one in 2016. Other casinos were seen adding them in both 2018 and 2019.

Some casinos are getting a bit tricky with this. Instead of adding a spot on the wheel with three zeros, they will add a symbol on the wheel. For example, in Sands Roulette, this space has the Sands logo. The spot functions the exact same way that the triple zero space normally would, however.

It greatly increases the odds against the players even though a “Zero” is considered a cold number. A standard wheel with only one zero gives the house an edge of almost three per cent. One with two zeros increases the odds to a little over five per cent. Once the third zero is added, the house edge increases again to make is almost eight per cent. This is such a higher number compared to the original almost three per cent that some people are downright outraged by this.

Other people are playing it smart and determining ways to increase their odds or make sure that the house edge is lower than that frightening almost eight per cent. For example, some games provide special rules that if a ball lands on a certain colour or number the player only loses half of their bet. This means that the house edge is lower when a person bets on those specific things.

Some players are simply avoiding triple zero wheels altogether. Because casinos do not advertise when they add a triple-zero wheel, they are looking at the wheel before playing. Wheels might have an obvious third zero, but they could also have the conspicuous logo as Sands Roulette does. Simply looking at the wheel to determine whether a logo or other picture is used in place of a number is an easy way to spot a triple zero wheel for those that would like to avoid them at all costs.


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