Live Roulette vs Online Roulette: Which is better?

Live Roulette vs Online Roulette: Which is better?


Live Roulette vs Online Roulette: Which is better?


Roulette has always been a favorite table game for many individuals at the casino. It’s because the rules are easy to pick, besides there is an array of strategies a player can take and there’s also the thrilling prospect of making a big win. Meanwhile, how and where you play roulette is what makes it a considerable difference to the game.


After all, choosing between playing roulette on an online casino and playing it live at a traditional brick-and-mortar casino will vastly change how you experience the game. Here are some reasons why it’s better for you to play at an Internet casino rather than a land-based establishment.


Play from the comfort of your home


First, this perk applies to all online casino games, it’s great to be able to play from home, without the hassle of commuting to a brick-and-mortar casino or having to organize a group outing to do so. For instance, playing roulette on the Web can be convenient, readily available and no time wasted besides, if you feel like having a quick spin by yourself, it’s the most convenient option. Furthermore, you can play from the comfort of your bed if you wish, an option certainly not available when playing live.


Besides, with the rapid advancement in computing and mobile technology in the last few years, online casino gaming can be enjoyed on not just your home computer or laptop, but also your smartphones and tablets – all you need is an active Internet data connection and you’re set.


The accessibility and flexibility of online roulette aren’t just limited to home play, after all, if you have Wi-Fi connected to your laptop, mobile phone or tablet, you can even play your favorite variation of real money or practice playing it on-the-go while traveling – overall it’s an extremely attractive feature for roulette enthusiasts that only Internet casino provide.


Play and Practice Roulette free


While playing roulette for real money is arguably more exciting but it’s good to have the option of playing it free. Finding someplace to play a live game of roulette free is hard to do, but many web casinos offer players the option of playing for fun. Whether or not it’s because you’re learning the rules of the game or just simply do not want to spend money gambling, online is the place to play a free game of roulette. For example, Mega888 has popular online casino reviews, they provide various games for you to choose from. This includes roulette games, slot games, fishing games, shooting games, arcade games, and also live table games.


Diversity and Range


Generally, at your standard casino, there will likely be a couple of types of roulette available – American, European, and House Roulette being the most typical. Also, playing online, the versions of roulette are virtually boundless, with high-quality Internet casinos, which will have an extensive range of different roulette games available to play. For example, G’Day Casino has 13 roulette variations along with American roulette, common draw roulette, European roulette, French roulette (low and high), VIP roulette, and more.


Therefore, most live casinos won’t be able to match (or willing to) such a rich selection that is now established as the standard on the casino, all thanks to casino games developers like Microgaming and Net Entertainment revolutionizing online roulette gameplay and online casinos hosting such a diverse range of games.


Better Odds and Payouts


Besides, like other online casino games, roulette has better payouts online than it does live. This is because it’s a lot cheaper for casinos to keep things running online than it is to run a live casino, this means that a spin of online roulette has a greater chance of being rewarding than playing it live. So, if you’re looking to win then playing web roulette is better.


Fewer player distractions


A virtual game of roulette won’t have other players distracting you from playing yet an exception to this is that live dealer roulette and roulette games that are found on social media platforms such as Facebook, which often have other live players partaking in your game. Whereas, sites dedicated to casino games, will mostly have roulette games that are between just you and the dealer without any additional players. This is ideal when you want to focus on the game, and enjoy playing free from any distractions.


Learn at your own pace


No added players are a bonus if you’re new to roulette and want to learn the rules. Also, live play with other people can be intimidating if you’re not familiar with the rules and don’t want to experience an embarrassing bet. Learning to play roulette online gives you time to do so at your own pace, especially when there’s no one waiting for you there’s no pressure to place bets in a hurry and you can fully take your time to play and understand what’s going on in the game.


Superior Bonuses, Comps and Promos on the Web


It’s unusual for a land-based casino to offer promotions for playing roulette with a live dealer. However, playing roulette online can be very rewarding, especially if you already have a registered account with an online casino and are a part of their loyalty program. Since most web casinos have featured games where players are rewarded for playing them if you’re a roulette fan be sure to be on alert for roulette promotions at your trusted web casinos. Deals like this are a rare find at brick-and-mortar casinos.