Roulette Rules and Strategies

Roulette Rules and Strategies


Roulette Rules and Strategies

Roulette remains one of the most popular casino games. It is easy to understand, the betting is often simpler than complex slot machines and there is always a chance to win. The primary reason that this game is so popular is that players have the chance to win up to thirty-five times their original bet.


Roulette Rules and Strategies
Roulette Rules and Strategies


Know the Odds Against You

It is important that players know the odds against them before playing. Beginners can determine this with a simple look at the wheel. If there is one zero, the house edge is a little over 2.5%. The more zeros there are, the higher the house edge is. If there are three zeros, the house edge is almost eight per cent, which is very bad for players. Understanding this will help you determine whether you want to play at a table and whether you would like to place a particular bet to even out the odds.

European or American

Both European and American roulette wheels are featured in casinos throughout the world. There are a few key differences that players need to know. To distinguish between the two, simply look at the numbers. European style roulette wheels have numbers that read from the inside outwards, while American wheels read from outwards inwards. It is important to know the difference because European wheels are typically made with one zero while American wheels are more likely to have more than one zero. These extra zeros might be disguised as a logo or a picture, but that spot still functions as a zero. If the wheel is American, it is important to look for those extra spaces to make sure you know what the odds are.

Learn About Different Bets

There are plenty of different bets for roulette players to choose from. Row bets are popular and encompass three numbers in a row. There are also black and red bets, which will win the player some money if the ball falls on either of those colours. Odd and even bets work the same way as these. Larger clusters of numbers make up several other bets. Keep in mind that bets are placed on the table. Often, players will ask the dealer to place bets for them before the ball is moving.

Probability is Null

Most people try to determine where the ball is going to land-based on where it landed previously. Players can study the table all that they would like to, but roulette is primarily a game of chance.


Just because roulette is a game of probability does not mean that players cannot tip the odds in their favour to make sure that they win something. Betting on larger groups of numbers or a portion of the wheel is one common strategy that players use. This gives them a significantly greater chance of winning. Another common strategy is to place more than one bet. For example, if a person bets on three rows, they are more likely to win than if they bet on only one row.