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Gambling is about taking risks, and for thrill-seekers out there, the greater the risk the stronger the thrill. Roulette is a game of risk, it is also a game of luck, balance, mathematics, and strategy. It is a game of risk because players will need to learn to make that leap of faith in this game for it to be truly profiting and entertaining to play. It is a game of luck because the outcome of the game is never certain, and sometimes lady luck just refuse to lend a hand when you need her the most. It is a game of luck because no matter how good you are at the game, there will be times when you have to go through extreme lows after a series of bad luck. It is a game of mathematics because players are allowed to calculate the probability of the outcome, which prompts the player to make more rational decisions. And lastly, roulette is a game of strategy because only a naive fool would place as much bet as possible at every round hoping to make a profit, no, contrary to popular belief, roulette actually requires much skill, discipline and strategy.

About Us Roulette Giant-magazine.com
About Us Roulette Giant-magazine.com

Until today, roulette still remains as the second most popular game in a casino, right next to poker. We love roulette because of the simplicity of its rules, much like slot games, the player places their bet and hope for the best, that constitutes as the fundamentals of the game. For beginners, the game is very easy to pick up and learn; for veteran casino patrons, formulating the perfect betting strategy is what makes the game so addictive. This blog is dedicated to the people who are passionate about gambling, especially at the roulette tables. We seek to build a forum for normal, healthy discussions surrounding gambling, casinos and roulette, we are a team of 24 people highly passionate about gambling, the majority of us are based in South East Asia. Our team consists of gambling enthusiasts, software developers, writers and journalists from Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia and Singapore. Through this blog, we employ creative ways to teach the masses about gambling, from basic guidelines such as the rules of playing roulette and table etiquette while at a casino to advanced strategies such as outcome prediction and employing the right mindset while gambling.


If you feel as if you are like us, or you relate to us and want to help us out in any way, we welcome you to join our team! First off, you must be extremely passionate about gambling and wish to help out with our projects, once you are confident that you can meet these conditions, feel free to contact us using the methods provided in the ‘Contact Us’ page. To join us, you do not have to be very knowledgeable about gambling, we have numerous sources here that can aid you and get you up on track with us in no time! If you’re here because you’re interested in reading up on our cause, do subscribe to us and never miss our updates on the interesting and accurate tip and tricks on playing roulette!


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